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Buying in E14

You will not be left disappointed when you buy in the E14 London area, whether you plan to live in your property or renting it for rental investment, you can be sure that you will be succumbed by its area or it’s rental revenue. When it comes to buying, we at Adamson Knight will make every step of the way digestible and manageable for you.

Cabot Square Canary Wharf


So you want to buy a property? First thing first, you will need to see is how much money you have saved as buying a property may not be a 100% cash buy, you may need a mortgage too.

The amount of mortgage you can obtain will mainly depend on how much salary you earn but your credit rating, if you pay council tax or whether you are on the electoral register are all taken into consideration too. So it may be worth your while in discussing with a mortgage broker on how much you can borrow.

We at Adamson Knight have worked with trusted mortgage brokers, if you would like us to provide those contact details, please feel free to contact us either by phone 0207 101 5499 or email us at


Once you have noted your specific property requirements with Adamson Knight Estate Agents, we will send you the relevant properties that match your criteria and that are within your budget. Be ready to go and see the desired properties as most of the time there’s always more than what meets the eye.

Contract, Deposit & Completion Day

Once your doting property has been found and a formal offer has been accepted, Adamson Knight will issue a memorandum that will state all of the details of the parties appointed; Adamson Knight Estate Agent, the solicitor, the mortgage broker and the seller. Once this is formulated, all of the paperwork from the instructed professionals will commence.

On receipt of the formal mortgage offer along with other mortgage documents, a valuation report, your deposits, signed contracts and an agreed completion date, your solicitor will be able to formally exchange contracts between you and the seller. This finalises the terms of purchase and binds you and the seller in to a legal contract.

During completion day, the rest of the monies will be transferred to the seller’s solicitor. Once they provide confirmation that the transaction is complete, the property is yours and Adamson Knight will arrange for you to collect the keys which is usually by the same day.

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